Schedule of lectures

Ignaz Semmelweis

Semmelweis University, School of PhD Studies

The lectures are given in the Ground Floor Hall (Tanácsterem), except the one on April 23, which is going to be at the Department of Public Health, NET, 21st floor, 2103-2105 room

Schedule of lecturesThe document can be downloaded:

Schedule of lectures, fall semester

Week Date Title Lecturer
1. 12 Feb Ignaz Semmelweis — pioneer of experimental pathology — The Semmelweis goblet in Budapest — The Semmelweis statue in Teheran László Rosivall
2. 19 Feb The history of discovering Semmelweis. The contemporary reception of the discovery of Semmelweis. His struggles, disease, death and five burials Zoltán Papp
3. 26 Feb The history, efficiency and present-day hitches of handwashing József Sándor, Tamás Haidegger
4. 5 March Semmelweis in Pest, presentation — walk László Molnár
5. 12 March Becoming an icon — the remembrance of Semmelweis following the 19th century Benedek Varga
6. 19 March A successful Norwegian stage-play to the memory of Ignaz Semmelweis: Jens Bjørneboe — Semmelweis (story of my incidental "discovery") Emil Monos
Károly Mécs
The ouvre of Semmelweis in the Memory of the World Register — UNESCO Miklós Réthelyi
7. 9 Apr Semmelweis-related memories, paintings, statues in the world and the Carpathian Basin Imre Romics
8. 16 Apr Semmelweis in the family — great-great grandson Kálmán Hüttl
9. 23 Apr Childbed fever from Hippocrates to the present Nándor Ács
Midwives and women doctors in Antiquity Edina Gradvohl
10. 7 May Semmelweis — Pasteur — Hőgyes: bacteriology in the second half of the 19th century Károly Nagy
11. 14 May Exam  

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