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Ignaz Semmelweis

Semmelweis University, School of PhD Studies

Since the copyright of some of the figures, illustrations is owned by publishers of certain scientific journals and books, the files downloaded from here can by used only by the students of Semmelweis University, who attend the course "Ignaz Semmelweis", and exclusively for the purpose of learning. It is forbidden to publish these files on the internet or other communication channels in any form!

The following formats are used:

Slides of the lectures in PDF format.
Slides of the lectures in PPT format.
Audio recording of the lecture in MP3 format.

1. 12 Feb László Rosivall Ignaz Semmelweis - pioneer of experimental pathology 16 MB
2. 19 Feb Papp Zoltán The history of discovering Semmelweis 46 MB
3. 26 Feb Haidegger Tamás Hand hygiene 7 MB
Sándor József The history, efficiency and present-day challenges of handwashing 1 MB
6. 19 March Rosivall László The memory of Semmelweis in the art of theatre 8 MB
Réthelyi Miklós The ouvre of Semmelweis in the Memory of the World Register - UNESCO 10 MB
7. 9 Apr Romics Imre Semmelweis related memories 7 MB
8. 16 Apr Hüttl Kálmán Semmelweis in the family — great-great grandson 142 MB

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