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Transfusiology course for medical students

Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

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Dr. Tordai Attila Introduction. The history of transfusion medicine 1 MB
Dr. Tordai Attila Plasticity of stem cells, regenerative medicine 3 MB
Dr. Andrikovics Hajnalka The molecular structure and physiological role of red cell antigens 2 MB
Dr. Falus András Immunological introduction: basic mechanisms important in transfusion medicine 2 MB
Dr. Falus András Immune response to incompatible transfusion 2 MB
Dr. Tordai Attila Introduction of the HLA system, diagnostics in transplantation immungenetics 2 MB
Dr. Nemes László Treatment and long term care in inherited coagulation disorders 20 MB
Dr. Nemes László Transfusion aspects of the coagulation system 21 MB
Dr. Gazdag Éva Platelet, granulocyte antigen systems 2 MB
Dr. Gazdag Éva The blood group serology compatibility 3 MB
Dr. Kalász László Blood donors, blood letting for donation... 1 MB
Dr. Baróti-Tóth Klára Red cell, platelet, granulocyte and plasma blood products 3 MB
Dr. Nagy Sándor Challenges and approaches of blood supply management, international examples 2 MB
Dr. Hauser Balázs Steps and practices of transfusion execution, international outlook 15 MB
Dr. Réti Marienn Indications of red cell, platelet and granulocyte transfusion 2 MB
Dr. Réti Marienn Alternatives to red cell transfusion: stimulation of red cell formation 2 MB
Dr. Réti Marienn Apheresis and extracorporal photopheresis 2 MB
Dr. Réti Marienn Transfusion aspects of hematology patient care, application of special blood products 1 MB
Dr. Hartyánszky István Transfusion aspects of cardiac surgery 28 MB
Dr. Hauser Balázs Effects of massive transfusion, factor substitution in acquired bleeding disorders 12 MB
Dr. Borka Péter Immunmodulation effects of transfusion 1 MB
Dr. Kriván Gergely Generation and clinical use of albumin and immunglobulin blood products 5 MB
Dr. Fazakas János Options for blood saving, peri-operative blood collection 1 MB
Dr. Fazakas János Solid organ transplantation and its transfusion aspects 6 MB
Dr. Sinkó János Infectous diseases transmitted by transfusion, epidemiology, screening, prevention 1 MB
Dr. Gazdag Éva Immunological complications of transfusions: hemolytic and non hemolytic 1 MB
Dr. Farkas Péter Non immunological complications of transfusions: circulatory and iron overload 1 MB
Dr. Dósa Éva Hungarian and international legal aspects of trnasfusion medicine 1 MB


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