Schedule of lectures: Nov 26-30

Transfusiology course for medical students

Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

Location: Conference room on the 21st floor (Mon, Tue, Wed), Room #1619, 16th floor (Thu), online quiz computer rooms, NET Building, Nagyvárad tér 4.

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Monday, Nov 26, 2018
Time Title Lecturer
9.00-9.45h Introduction. The history of transfusion medicine Dr. Tordai Attila
9.50-10.35h Immunological introduction: basic mechanisms important in transfusion medicine. Immune response to incompatible transfusion. Dr. Tamási Viola
10.40-11.25h The molecular structure and physiological role of red cell antigens Dr. Andrikovics Hajnalka
12.00-12.45h Red cell, platelet and granulocyte antigen systems Dr. Gazdag Éva
12.50-13.35h The blood group serology compatibility Dr. Gazdag Éva
13.40-14.25h Plasticity of stem cells, regenerative medicine Dr. Tordai Attila
Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018
Time Title Lecturer
9.00-9.45h Introduction of the HLA system, diagnostics in transplantation immungenetics Dr. Tordai Attila
9.50-10.35h Blood donors, blood letting for donation, donor screening, risk assessment and reduction, international trends Dr. Kalász László
10.40-11.25h Hungarian and international legal aspects of trnasfusion medicine Dr. Dósa Ágnes
12.00-12.45h Challenges and approaches of blood supply management, international examples Dr. Nagy Sándor
12.50-13.35h Immunological complications of transfusions: hemolytic and non hemolytic Dr. Gazdag Éva
13.40-14.25h Red cell, platelet, granulocyte and plasma blood products: manufacturing, storage, quality parameters Dr. Baróti-Tóth Klára
Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018
Time Title Lecturer
9.00-9.45h Non immunological complications of transfusions: circulatory and iron overload Dr. Farkas Péter
9.50-10.35h Transfusion aspects of surgery (complications, case reports) Dr. Baranyai Zsolt
10.40-11.25h Options for blood saving, peri-operative blood collection Dr. Fazakas János
12.00-12.45h Solid organ transplantation and its transfusion aspects (complications, case reports) Dr. Fazakas János
12.50-13.35h Infectous diseases transmitted by transfusion, epidemiology, screening, prevention Dr. Sinkó János
13.40-14.25h Generation and clinical use of albumin and immunglobulin blood products Dr. Kriván Gergely
Thursday, Nov 29, 2018
Time Title/th> Lecturer
8.30-9.15h Indications of red cell transfusion. Alternatives to red cell transfusion: stimulation of red cell formation Dr. Réti Marienn
9.20-10.05h Indications of platelet and granulocyte transfusion Dr. Réti Marienn
10.10-10.55h Apheresis and photopheresis Dr. Réti Marienn
11.30-12.15h Steps and practices of transfusion execution, international outlook Dr. Hauser Balázs
12.20-13.05h Transfusion aspects of the coagulation system, generation and clinical application of coagulation factor products, substitution therapies Dr. Hauser Balázs
13.10-13.55h Effects of massive transfusion, factor substitution in acquired bleeding disorders Dr. Hauser Balázs
Friday, Nov 30, 2018
Time Title Lecturer
12.00-14.00h MCQ exam, NET ground floor, computer rooms

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