Schedule of practicals


Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

The practicals are held in the NET building in labs L06, L07, L08 and L09. Lab allocation.

Practical scheduleThe document can be downloaded:

Spring semester

Week MonTueWedThuFri Topic
1 4 Feb5678 Evaluation of the erythropoietic and myelopoietic system
2 1112131415 Pathophysiology of erythropoiesis (anemia, polycythemia)
3 1819202122 Myeloid disorders (AML, CML, leukemoid reaction)
4 252627281 Mar Lymphoid disorders (ALL, CLL, infectious mononucleosis
5 45678 Monoclonal gammopathies, multiple myeloma
6 1112131415 Differential diagnosis of hemostatic disorders
7 1819202122 Midterm (lectures and practicals)
8 2526272829 Evaluation of alterations in carbohydrate metabolism
9 1 Apr2345 Evaluation of calcium and phosphate metabolism
10 89101112 Diagnostic importance of plasma proteins and tumor markers
11 1516171819 Spring break
12 2223242526 Evaluation of lipid and purine metabolism
13 2930May 123 Endocrinology I: evaluation of hypothalamic-pituitary and gonadal disorders
14 678910 Endocrinology II: evaluation of thyroid gland function
15 1314151617 Endocrinology III: evaluation of adrenal gland function
Dates in red: university/national holiday. You may agree with your tutor, however, to have the class on the same or an alternative day.

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