Schedule of lectures


Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

The lectures are given in the Green auditorium, NET on Friday 9.50-11.00h

Schedule of lecturesThe document can be downloaded:

Schedule of lectures, spring semester

Week Date Title Lecturer
1 9 Feb Pathophysiology of the erythropoiesis Dr. Molnár Miklós
2 16 Feb Malignant diseases of the bone marrow Dr. Tordai Attila
3 23 Feb Disorders of hemostasis Dr. Tordai Attila
4 2 Mar Acute kidney failure Dr. Rosivall László
5 9 Mar Chronic kidney failure Dr. Kökény Gábor
6 10 Mar (Saturday) Disturbances in higher CNS function Dr. Tornóci László
7 23 Mar Connective tissue disorders Dr. Kriston Tünde
8   Spring break  
9 6 Apr Disturbances in fluid, Na+ and K+ balance Dr. Tornóci László
10 13 Apr Disorders of acid-base balance Dr. Molnár Miklós
11 20 Apr Alterations of the respiratory system Dr. Tordai Attila
12 27 Apr Pathophysiology of pain Dr. Mózes Miklós
13 4 May Systemic immune diseases Dr. Kökény Gábor
14 11 May Role of nutrition in medicine: Vitamins, trace elements, dietary supplements Dr. Tordai Attila
15 18 May Trends in medical diagnosis and treatment / Announcement of the result of Hőgyes Endre competition Dr. Tordai Attila

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