Schedule of lectures

Pathophysiology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

The lectures are given in the Green auditorium, NET on Friday 9.50-11.00h

Schedule of lecturesThe document can be downloaded:

Schedule of lectures, spring semester

Week Date Title Lecturer
1 3 Feb Pathophysiology of acute and chronic kidney failure Dr. Rosivall László
2 10 Feb Disturbances in fluid, Na+ and K+ balance Dr. Tornóci László
3 17 Feb Disorders of acid-base balance Dr. Molnár Miklós
4 24 Feb Alterations of the respiratory system Dr. Tordai Attila
5 3 Mar Disorders of hemostasis Dr. Tordai Attila
6 10 Mar Pathophysiology of pain Dr. Mózes Miklós / Dr. Molnár Miklós
7 17 Mar Pathophysiology of the erythropoiesis Dr. Molnár Miklós
8 24 Mar Clonal hematopoietic disorders Dr. Tordai Attila
9 31 Mar Connective tissue disorders Dr. Kriston Tünde
10 7 Apr Systemic immune diseases Dr. Kökény Gábor
11   Spring break  
12 21 Apr Vitamins, trace elements, dietary supplements Dr. Tordai Attila
13 28 Apr Disturbances in higher CNS function Dr. Tornóci László
14 5 May Trends in medical diagnosis and treatment / Announcement of the result of Hőgyes Endre competition Dr. Tordai Attila

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