Hőgyes Endre competition


Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

It is a tradition at the department to organize a competition for the students about pathophysiology each year. The competition is named "Hőgyes Endre" after the founder of the institute. This year the competition will take place on April 26 (Friday)

In order to participate the midterm exam (laboratory practicals) on week 7 has to be fulfilled with a 4 or 5 mark (the patient case part, not the cell recognition part).

The e-learning system will be used in NET ground floor computer rooms (#1, #2, #3). In order to participate, you need to register yourself in the Pathophysiology 2 course in the e-learning system. Registration will start from April 20, 2019.

Exemptions with a mark of 5 (jeles) can be earned by exceeding 90% in the various topics (lecture, laboratory practical, ECG, hematology).

We kindly expect students to participate.

Last changed: 2019.03.28 08:05