Hőgyes Endre competition

Pathophysiology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

It is a tradition at the department to organize a competition for the students about pathophysiology each year. The competition is named "Hőgyes Endre" after the founder of the institute. The date is to be announced later (in the 2nd semester).

You need to write an essay in order to enter the competition. The essay must be written individually, and it needs to be handed in at the beginning of the competition. You can download the list of suggested topics of the essay from here.

In addition to the eternal glory, those doing really well at the competition will be exempted from one or more parts of the exam (they may get a 5 for one theoretical question, the lab question, the ECG or hematology). We wish you good luck for the competition and a good time getting ready for it!

Detailed information

You must not write your name on your essay or the solution sheets of the competition for the sake of anonymity, use a codeword of your choice instead! The results are going to be published by the codewords, the identity is determined only for those students, who win a prize or exemption from a part of the exam.

The competition is organized the same way as the exam: you have questions about the lecture topics, laboratory diagnostics, ECG and hematology. The essays are evaluated, too. The final ranking is based on the sum of scores. Most of the questions are multiple choice, but you have additional tasks from ECG and hematology. The different parts of the competition are clearly labeled, and you are free to choose how much time you spend with a specific task.

The exemptions from specific parts of the exam are offered to those who achieved a high score in the corresonding part of the competition. A grade of 5 is offered to these students, other grades are not offered. The exemption from one part of the exam does not depend on the performance in other areas of the competition. If you are offered a 5 for the lecture material, it means you take two questions at the exam, but you must answer only one of them (you choose which one), and you get a 5 for the other. Exemption for another part means you do not get that task at the exam at all, you get a 5 automatically. It is possible theoretically to get exemptions for all parts of the exam, but a student rarely can get more than 2 exemptions, because the competition is not easy.

The essay must be your own work. The cited references must be precisely listed. If you put a verbatim copy of sentences from another paper into your own essay, this fact must be clearly stated. If you fail to to this, and you make other people's work appear as yours, you can expect disqualification from the competition as a minimal retorsion.

Writing the essay is not a wasted effort: it is an interesting experience for a medical student to get acquainted with the medical literature a bit, to get information about a topic he or she is interested in, and to form an opinion about it. On the other hand, you can also nominate you work at the so called Rector's competition next year in a revised and expanded form. Your work could also be a base of your thesis to get your MD degree.

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