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Since the copyright of some of the figures, illustrations is owned by publishers of certain scientific journals and books, the files downloaded from here can by used only by the students of Semmelweis University, who attend the course "Pathophysiology", and exclusively for the purpose of learning. It is forbidden to publish these files on the internet or other communication channels in any form! For the same reason, these are two ways to get these files:

  1. anyone can download them using a computer on the university network
  2. you need to have a SeKA password to download them if you are outside of the university network

All students and employes of the university have a SeKA account (SeKA = Semmelweis Central Authentication). For further information see:

The following formats are used:

Slides of the lectures in PDF format.
Slides of the lectures in PPT format.
Audio recording of the lecture in MP3 format.

2nd semester

1. 9 Feb Molnár Miklós Pathophysiology of erythropoiesis 5 MB
2. 16 Feb Tordai Attila Clonal hematopoetic disorders 2 MB

1st semester

1. 15 Sep Tordai Attila Pathophysiology of inflammation 2 MB
24 MB
2. 22 Sep Tornóci László Heart failure 3 MB
24 MB
3. 29 Sep Molnár Miklós Shock 1 MB
4. 6 Oct Tornóci László Arrhythmias 4 MB
19 MB
Coronary heart disease 4 MB
5. 13 Oct Tordai Attila Energy balance 4 MB
22 MB
6. 20 Oct Tordai Attila Hypertension 2 MB
22 MB
7. 27 Oct Molnár Miklós Hyperlipidemias, atherosclerosis 4 MB
8. 3 Nov Mózes Miklós Diabetes mellitus 2 MB
9. 10 Nov Tornóci László Liver diseases 5 MB
24 MB
10. 17 Nov Kökény Gábor Gastrointestinal diseases 4 MB
25 MB
11. 24 Nov Kökény Gábor Metabolism of calcium and phosphate. Metabolic bone diseases 3 MB
24 MB
12. 1 Dec Molnár Miklós Pathophysiology of pituitary and sexual function 7 MB
15 MB
13. 8 Dec Molnár Miklós Pathophysiology of the thyroid gland 3 MB
17 MB
14. 15 Dec Molnár Miklós Pathophysiology of the adrenal gland 5 MB

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