Schedule of lectures


Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

The lectures are given in the Green auditorium, NET on Friday 9.50-11.00h

Schedule of lecturesThe document can be downloaded:

Schedule of lectures, fall semester

Week Date Title Lecturer
1. 14 Sep Disorders of the arterial circulation: atherosclerosis, thrombosis Dr. Tordai Attila
2. 21 Sep Pathophysiology of heart failure Dr. Tornóci László
3. 28 Sep Cardiac arrhythmias / Coronary heart disease Dr. Tornóci László
4. 5 Oct Peripheral circulatory failure. Pathophysiology of circulatory shock Dr. Molnár Miklós
5. 12 Oct Vascular disorders, hypertension, venous circulatory disorders Dr. Tordai Attila
6. 19 Oct Systemic aspects of acquired immune system disorders Dr. Kökény Gábor
7. 26 Oct Innate immune system: Systemic aspects of infections and inflammatory processes Dr. Gerő Domokos
8. 2 Nov Holiday
9. 9 Nov Pathophysiology of the digestive system Dr. Kökény Gábor
10. 16 Nov Pathophysiology of liver diseases Dr. Tornóci László
11. 23 Nov Chronic kidney failure Dr. Kökény Gábor
12. 30 Nov Disturbances in fluid, Na+ and K+ balance Dr. Tornóci László
13. 7 Dec Disorders of acid-base balance Dr. Molnár Miklós
14. 14 Dec Acute kidney failure Dr. Rosivall László

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