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Pathophysiology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine

Use the email lists

Every student is a member of two email lists. One of them is the group list, the other one is the subject (or forum) list. The lists function like classic email lists (i.e. an email sent to the address of the list gets delivered to the address of every member of the list), but you get additional services as well: you can get access to the archive of messages and to a shared document area through a web interface (you need a password for access).

The group lists

These are to help the groups to learn pathophysiology. Every group has its own list, e.g. group 7 has Emails written to the address of the list get delivered to all members of the list. The members of the list are the students in the group and their tutor. You should ask your tutor to make you a member of the list on the first practical. The purpose of the list is to enhance the communication between the students and the tutor, and between students as well. There is an archive and a shared document area as well, that is accessible for the list members only. You can use the list as a small workgroup: you can discuss problems, set dates, exchange documents. The shared document area is the most useful way to exchange documents. Every member of the list has the right to write an email to the list address, or upload a file to the shared document area. It is forbidden, however, to use the shared document area for illegal purposes. If you do, you are fully, legally responsible for it.

The subject list:

This is the forum and shared document area of the subject. Members are the third year students, the tutors and lecturers. If you are a member of your group list, you become automatically member of this list, too. The main purpose of this list is to provide access to important messages and teaching aids for the students. Mostly members of the department write emails to the list address. Students can write too, but their messages get delivered only after the approval of the list owner (so this list is moderated). The archive of the list is publicly available on the web. The shared document area is accessible for the list members only. Typically, the lecturers, tutors upload teaching aids here. These files (lecture slides, audio recordings, practical slides, exam questions, student feedbacks etc) are accessible and can be downloaded from any PC. Students can also upload files, but these become accessible to other students only after approval of the list owner.

Web services that you can use with a password

The most important ones are the shared document area and the archive of messages. The document area may contain any type of file for up and downloading. This gives an easy access to the teaching aids. The archive contains past messages sent to the list address. You can also write an email to the list or the list owners, you can see other members' names and addresses. You can also set a few personal options here.

The web interface is all Hungarian! How can I change it to English?

On the left side of the page change 'Magyar' to 'English' near the text 'Nyelvváltoztatás'.

I don't have a password!/I've lost my password! What should I do?

If you don't have a password or lost it, you should click on the "First login?" or "Lost password?" text in the middle at the top of this page. Here type in your email address and click on "Request first/new password". If you are a member of at least one list on the system, you will get an email with a link. Clicking on this link gives you an opportunity to set your password, that you can later use to log in. If the system says you are not a member of any list on the system ask the assistance of your tutor.

Playing the audio recordings hangs after a few seconds! What should I do?

First you need to download the mp3 file, and start playing it from your own PC, not directly from the server. (In Firefox: right click, then "Save link as...")

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